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Vivienne 'Viv' Odusanya is one of the characters in Sex Education. She is portrayed by Chinenye Ezeudu.

She is one of Moordale's best students. She states that she has no interest in making friends in Secondary School as that is her time to focus on University. However, she does express a romantic interest towards her fellow Quiz Head member Dex Thompson.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Viv is assigned as Jackson's tutor during his injury-related break from swimming. At the beginning, she behaves coldly against him, but after a while they become friends. She helps Jackson study for his role of Romeo in the school play. He gives her advice on how to get closer to her crush and fellow Quiz Head member, Dex.

Later, Viv walks in on Jackson while he has a panic attack at Otis' party and was about to hurt himself again. She gives him emotional support, but also tells him that he needs professional help and expresses worry about his safety. After his defensive reaction, Viv tells Jackson's mothers about her worries. At first, Jackson is angry at her about that, but later he understands her actions. At the end of season 2, their friendship remains close.


Jackson Marchetti - Tutee, later friend

Dex Thompson - Former Romantic interest, Quiz Heads teammate

Maeve Wiley - Friend, Quiz Heads teammate

Eugene - Boyfriend


Viv is one of the smartest students at school. She is very ambitious in her academic career and has a fully packed schedule. Due to this, she states to not have any friends, since she will have time for a social life at university. However, Viv helps someone when asked, and gives Jackson helpful advice on his role in the school play. When walking in on Jackson during his panic attack, Viv shows compassion but also reason and rationality. She is a brave and caring friend when someone is important to her. But she can also behave coldly and hostile towards people she doesn't like. Viv is autistic[1].

She has a crush on Dex Thompson and manages to get his interest. However, she discovers that his interests are strongly limited to his Rubik's cube, and her romantic interest fades.


Season Two (7/8)