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Steve Morley is one of the recurring characters in Sex Education. He is portrayed by Chris Jenks.

He was a new student at Moordale Secondary School, who becomes Aimee's boyfriend. He is a member of the Aptitude Scheme and Quiz Heads.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

He is new to Moordale Secondary. Ruby invites Steve to the "study group" because she thinks he is hot. Aimee Gibbs offers to help Steve study, and they eventually start a relationship together. Steve is quite puzzled upon having sex with Aimee for the first time, since she keeps mentioning doing things that she does not even seem to really want, and he asks her what she really wants from him, which Aimee cannot answer. They eventually manage to have satisfying sex after Aimee seeks advice from Otis Milburn.

Season 2[]

In addition to his ongoing relationship to Aimee, Steve also gets to interact more with Maeve Wiley through the Quiz Heads team, although he initially shares his teammates' opinion that Maeve is not fit for the team due to her tendency to play solo. Steve does his best to comfort Aimee after she was sexually assaulted, and patiently waits until she is ready to be touched by a man again, never pressuring her into sex. He and the team win the finals of the quiz championship.

Season 3[]

Steve continues to date Aimee, but their relationship is still complicated since Aimee has not fully recovered from her trauma. Although Steve remains a supportive and caring boyfriend, Aimee is convinced by Maeve that she should break up with him since their couple cannot properly work for the time being. He cries when Aimee tells him that she leaves him, but he accepts it nonetheless.

His sign during the protest reveals that he might be demisexual.



Steve is a bright and thoughtful person, who is very kind to his girlfriend, Aimee. He tends to be rather a listener than a talker. During the students show about the "Moordale Sex School", he is seen carrying a sign indicating that he thinks he is demisexual.


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Season Two (7/8)

Season Three