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Southchester Caravan Park is a location on the Netflix series Sex Education. It is where Maeve used to live.


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The caravan park is an area of caravans inhabited by people. It is located next to a high voltage transmission tower and there is a small football field in the middle of the caravan park.

Maeve mostly lives alone, however, her brother Sean Wiley, her mother Erin Wiley and her half-sister Elsie Wiley have lived there as well. Maeve's ex-boyfriend, Jackson Marchetti temporarily stayed in her caravan after having an argument with his parents. In Episode 4, Maeve is seen stealing the gas canister from other caravans. In Episode 2.2, Maeve discovers that her gas canister has been stolen when she is unable to turn on the stove.

Next to Maeve's caravan is Cynthia and Jeffrey's caravan. The used to own a cat named Jonathan and they are often heard arguing. They sometimes babysit Elsie.

In Episode 5, Maeve brings Jackson to her caravan after he tells her that he doesn't want to have a girlfriend that he knows nothing about. Jackson describes her caravan as "nice." In the caravan, Maeve reveals that her parents aren't really accountants and Jackson opens up about his anxiety and his parents' marital issues.

In Season 2, brothers Isaac Goodwin and Joe Goodwin move into a caravan. On one occasion, they attempted to steal Cynthia and Jeffrey's gas canister in the middle of the night. Maeve attempts to stop them, however Cynthia and Jonathan feel sorry for Isaac after he talks about being cold, and let him use their gas canister.


Caravan E19[]

Maeve's Caravan

Caravan E20[]

Cynthia and Jeffrey's Caravan

Caravan F16[]

Isaac and Joe's Caravan



  • This caravan park is confirmed to be "Southchester Caravan Park" and located in "Moordale, VA1 3NV" in Episode 2, as it is printed on a termination notice.
  • According to a termination notice in Episode 2, Maeve's weekly rent is £340, the maintenance fee is £50, the water bill is £28.42, the laundry tab is £9.21, the toilet emptying charge is £15 and the service charge is £13.11. There is also a VAT of 20%.
  • Maeve once urinated on the doorstep of Jeffrey and Cynthia's caravan, which Maeve is apologetic for.[1]


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