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Sofia Marchetti is one of the recurring characters in Sex Education. She is portrayed by Hannah Waddingham.

She is one of Jackson's mothers. She pushes Jackson to maintain a strict training regime.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

After an argument with Jackson, Sofia reveals that she is insecure about that fact that she is not Jackson's biological mother, so she was thrilled when Jackson showed interest in swimming, since Sofia used to be a competitive swimmer. She genuinely believed he enjoyed swimming, until Viv revealed that Jackson self-harmed due to pressure from swimming. She also admits that she pushed him, partially because she wanted to live her dreams through Jackson, since she can no longer compete herself.

Season 3[]

Sofia is asked about her homosexuality and how she discovered it by Jackson as he struggles to build a solid bond with non-binary student Cal Bowman. She comforts her son after Jackson begins opening himself about Cal and how he did not handle his feelings towards them very well.



Sofia is a mother who wants to see her son succeed. Often, Sofia's determination puts a strain, not only on the relationship she has with her son, but also on her marriage to Roz Marchetti.


Season One (4/8)

Season Two (6/8)

Season Three


Look, you will thank me in a few years. See you at 10:30. Go on. Have a good time.
— Sofia Marchetti to her son Jackson Marchetti before the school dance[src]