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Ruby Matthews is one of the main characters in Sex Education. She is portrayed by Mimi Keene.

Ruby is the tacit leader of the Untouchables clique, as well as the Queen Bee of Moordale.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Ruby is a member of The Untouchables clique with Anwar Bakshi and Olivia Hanan, and they rule over the other students with an iron fist. She treats Aimee Gibbs, who is trying to befriend the Untouchables, very harshly, and has little to no respect for Maeve Wiley. Following the death of her grandmother, she has a very brief relationship with Tom Baker, to whom she sends a picture of her vagina. After the picture gets leaked to the whole school, Ruby asks Maeve and Otis Milburn for help, eventually discovering that it was Olivia who leaked the picture. Nevertheless, Ruby avoids humiliation as everyone claims that the vagina is theirs during school assembly. Despite Maeve's assistance, Ruby remains mean towards her, and she is shocked when Aimee decides to leave the Untouchables and keep her friendship with Maeve instead.

Season 2[]

In Episode 6, when Eric tries inviting people to Otis's "small gathering", Ruby is initially averse to the invitation. However, upon realizing that Rahim would attend, Ruby quickly changes her mind. During the midst of the party, she is seen dancing inside the house. A drunken Otis approaches and gets down with her. It is revealed in Episode 7, the two had consensual sex, but whether a contraceptive was used is in question. The morning after the party, Otis attends school and is in a chemistry class. It is at this time he hears Ruby outside, throwing pebbles at the window to draw his attention. Outside, Ruby discloses that she's actually "96.5" percent certain that a condom was used during their sex, which departs from her initial "99" percent certainty. During this episode when Ruby was buying the morning after pill it is revealed that her father has been suffering from multiple sclerosis and that was the reason she had a one-night stand with Otis. She also thanked Otis for caring and checking in on her, because Ruby stated that most guys don't and both had a cheer.

Season 3[]

In the opening of season 3 it is revealed she has been having casual sex with Otis throughout the school summer holiday, which started at a fancy dress party after season 2, Otis was dressed as macaroni cheese while Ruby was dressed as Christina Aguilera. While Ruby initially threatens Otis to keep their affair private, he told Eric which lead to Lily telling the whole school about their casual sex. In spite of this, Otis became more involved with Ruby and eventually asked if he could be her boyfriend to which she said yes. While initially mean to Otis, bossing him around and trying to change his behaviors and fashion sense, Ruby becomes kinder to him. Ruby dated with Otis for some time and even took him to her house which not even Anwar or Olivia had been to and introducing Otis to her dad. It is revealed that Ruby comes from a humble household which she is insecure about it and is why she never invited anyone over. Later that night Ruby calls Otis and tells him she loves him to which Otis replies, "That's nice." Ruby becomes very upset with Otis as she has never told anyone that she loves them and the two break up.

During the school trip to France, Ruby is still upset with Otis while Olivia and Anwar remain hostile towards him but she tells him she doesn't hate him. The trip finally culminates with Otis kissing Maeve while they were unintentionally left at a service station for some hours. As the coach returns and approaches Otis and Maeve kissing, Ruby sees the two of them after they finished kissing and appears heartbroken once again.


Love interests & sexual partners[]

Tom Baker[]

Ruby dated Tom Baker aka War-hammer Tom for a week before dumping him on the pretext that he smelled like crisps but more concretely, she didn't enjoy his company. Frustrated by this, he later send her nude photo to Kyle who didn't believe that Tom had sex with Ruby.


Ruby used to have a crush on Rahim just as soon as he arrived at Moordale, as he was quickly named the most handsome boy at school. She tried to be friendly with him or with people that she noticed he was talking to, like complimenting Eric's shirt as soon as he has done that or accepting the invitation to Otis' house party despite not wanting to go at first but then changed her mind as soon as she learned that Rahim would be there as well. On the other hand, she was extremely jealous of other girls talking to him, and didn't care much about her friends' needs, disregarding Anwar's protests to go on Ferris wheel with her in order to be closer to Rahim as it would his ruin hair.

Ruby's infatuation with him presumably ended during Otis' house party as she discovered that Rahim is gay and was in a relationship with Eric.

Otis and Ruby

Otis Milburn[]


Roland Matthews[]

In episode 2.7, Ruby revealed that her father has been suffering from multiple sclerosis, which caused him to quit his job, and rely solely on her mother's payment. His sickness and stressful atmosphere at her home had a huge impact on her mental state. Ruby deeply cares about her dad, often helping him to get up from bed or even roll him a joint. However, due to her social status at school Ruby is too embarrassed to even introduce him to her friends, as Otis was the first person who even came to her house.

Her mother[]

According to Ruby, the deterioration of her husband's health causes her a lot of stress.

Her late grandmother[]

The loss of her grandmother seems to have deeply affected Ruby. In episode 5, she uses this as an argument for dating Tom Baker for a week which, would correspond to her habit of sleeping with "nerdy boys" when she's sad.


Olivia Hanan[]

Olivia is one of Ruby's best friends and a fellow member of the Untouchables clique. Despite being close friends, Ruby often mocked Olivia and made her insecure but she was too afraid to stand up for herself, so she decided to get her own back on Ruby by leaking pics of her unshaved vulva and anonymously threaten her to reveal her identity in front of the entire school. After Ruby found out that Olivia was doing this, she stopped talking to her until the school's plea where Ruby was verbally bullied by students who already found out that the photo was hers. However it stopped as soon as Olivia and then other girls decided to stand up for her by claiming that the said photo belongs to all of them, which fixed their friendship. While Ruby is still occasionally rude to her, Olivia doesn't seem to mind this. After Otis broke up with Ruby, Olivia was comforting her with Anwar, becoming very protective of Ruby and hostile towards Otis during their trip to France.

Anwar Bakshi[]

Anwar is one of Ruby's best friends and a fellow member of the Untouchables clique. He seems to be her right-hand man, as Ruby is way nicer to him in comparison to Olivia. However, she was also seen treating him badly, ignoring his objections to get on Ferris wheel as it would ruin his hair because she wanted to get closer to Rahim. Despite this treatment, he was still very supportive after her break-up with Otis comforting her with Olivia, and becoming hostile to Otis during their trip to France.

Adam Groff[]

At the beginning of the series, Ruby and Adam had zero contact, as their only connection was through Aimee who was then part of the Untouchables, and Adam's girlfriend. However, Ruby highly disliked Adam for being violent and dull-witted, and after he flashed on everybody in the cafeteria, she gave Aimee an order to break up with him as he was damaging their reputation. Things changed after Adam began dating Eric, and Ruby became Otis' girlfriend, as Otis and Eric decided to go on a double date together. At first, Ruby was disgusted and annoyed by Adam's poor manners and irrational conversations like mistaking her glucose intolerance for diabetes or asking if anyone is smelling their farts. After Ruby announced that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with another surrogate baby, Adam asked her if she doesn't think that it's weird how the second surrogate wasn't on the show, revealing that he enjoys watching the Kardashians with his mom. Soon after that Ruby warmed up to Adam, asking him questions about different Kardashian shows and suggesting to keep up in contact with each other.


Maeve Wiley[]

Due to Maeve's promiscuous reputation and being a social outcast, Ruby is always on the front line to torment her, either for being poor or straight up slut-shaming her. Despite this Maeve still managed to help Ruby on numerous occasions; she was often writing essays for her in exchange for money, which was revealed by Maeve in episode 2.1. When Ruby was threatened by a mysterious student who leaked her nudes, at first she tried to frame Maeve but then begged her to help her find out who did this, offering her extra money. Despite having objections, Maeve eventually decided to help her for free, as she knew exactly how it is to be slut-shamed on daily basis. When students became verbally tormenting Ruby during school's plea, Maeve was the second girl who stand up for her by claiming that the leaked photo was hers. However, Ruby didn't appear to be thankful for any of this and continued to bully her occasionally. Their association became eventually even tenser, as rumors began to resurface that Otis and Ruby were having casual sex, and then they decided to publicly announce their relationship. Maeve decided to act oblivious and move on with Isaac but after learning about him deleting Otis' message and circumstances following their trip to France, Otis and Maeve reconciled their relationship in front of Ruby's eyes. It's unknown what Ruby thinks about Maeve currently but seeing Otis and Maeve after they kissed was visibly upsetting for her.

Aimee Gibbs[]

Aimee used to be Ruby's friend as a fellow member of the Untouchables clique, as she was invited to hang out with them probably due to being rich. However, despite being "friends", Ruby and others didn't treat her with respect, as they would often criticize her, and gate-crashing into her house without her permission. At first, Aimee was tolerating their antics, mostly due to her people-pleasing attitude, but because Ruby was often targeting Maeve, Aimee eventually renounced herself from the clique, which in return made her another target of their harassing.


Ruby is portrayed as a stereotypical Queen Bee; snobbish, catty, and seemingly very self-confident. She has no qualms about being cruel to other students, including her friends; it eventually came back around for her as her best friend Olivia, being tired of her continuous critics decided to leak pics of her unshaved vulva and threaten her to reveal her identity in front of the entire school. During that time, Ruby tried to appear as unbothered as possible when in truth she was very vulnerable, panicking so much that she decided to ask for help from the person whom she was bullying the most, Maeve. This may indicate that Ruby has issues with openly expressing her emotions and feelings in public, knowing well that showing any weaknesses may get her thrown from the position of the most popular girl in school.

It was later confirmed that this seemingly natural personality of hers is just a facade to keep others from hurting her, revealing more complexity to Ruby's character; being mean to nearly anyone and hiding her true emotions are ways of coping with stressful home life, particularly her father's medical condition, and social pressure that was put on her by the fact that she doesn't come from a wealthy family as everybody is claiming. When Otis asked her about her father's illness, although her body language briefly uncovers her concerns, she refuses to reveal her feelings further and immediately tries to divert the conversation by using disdain.

Ruby appears to have an unhealthy coping mechanism to fight with her unwell mental state; she often participates in superficial relationships with "nerdy" boys whom she doesn't love or is too embarrassed to even be in public with, as she yearns to be loved passionately by another person even if it's just for a short period of time, which only escalates her commitment issues. She also needs to be in total control of these relationships whether in suggesting having intercourse or ending the relationship, claiming that no one calls quits with her. Her relationship with Otis is a great example of this behavior until he stood up for himself and tries to convince Ruby to love him for who he truly is. By officially announcing their relationship, Ruby finally started opening-up, and eventually fell in love with him.


Season One (6/8)[]

Season Two (4/8)[]

Season Three (6/8)[]


Season 1[]

What a slag.
— Ruby to the Untouchables about Maeve Wiley[src]
Good. Because smoking is definitely not vegan.
— Ruby to Aimee Gibbs[src]

Season 2[]

If you tell anyone about this, I'll destroy your life
— Ruby to Otis Milburn about their one-night stand[src]
Okay, so... you know how I said I was 99 percent sure about the condom? It's more like 96.5.
— Ruby to Otis Milburn[src]
Look, I'm not having your pale, unusually long children, okay?
— Ruby to Otis Milburn[src]
No. Why do people keep asking me that? I'm not a slut.
— Ruby to a pharmacist[src]
It's his penis, he's paying for it.
— Ruby to a pharmacist about Otis Milburn[src]
Thank you for checking in. A lot of guys don't.
— Ruby to Otis Milburn[src]

Season 3[]

I love you.
— Ruby to Otis[src]


  • She lives at 37 Carlton Close
  • She is considered by many to be the prettiest girl in school.
  • She’s always sticking with her gang.
  • She’s got a “To glam to give a damn” sticker inside her locker.
  • When she feels anxious, she tries to avoid eye contact with anyone and starts nervously playing with her nails. If she’s got something in her arms(bag, keys), she starts twitching this item with her fingers.
  • She calls Otis “OT” only if someone else is around. When they’re alone, she calls him by his normal name.
  • She’s passionate about drawing.
  • In high school, she was the first to get a car amongst her friends. (Episode 1)
  • After Maeve, she is the second female character to have shared a moment of closeness with Otis before threatening him with reprisals if he told anyone about it. (Episode 2.7)
  • She tells Otis she likes making out with nerdy boys when she's sad. This can be tied to how she also used to have a thing with Warhammer Tom, who is seen as a huge nerd.
  • She tells Otis not to stand next to her (in Season 3, episode 2) when he is eating because she has Misophonia (which Olivia slightly incorrectly explains means she - Ruby- has a phobia of the sound of people chewing). Misophonia is a disorder of decreased tolerance to specific sounds or their associated stimuli that has been characterized using different language and methodologies. Reactions to trigger sounds range from anger and annoyance to activating a fight-or-flight response. The condition is sometimes called selective sound sensitivity syndrome. Common triggers include oral sounds (e.g., loud breathing, chewing, swallowing), clicking sounds (e.g., keyboard tapping, finger tapping, windshield wipers), and sounds associated with movement (e.g., fidgeting). Oftentimes, hated sounds are repetitive in nature. One study found that around 80% of the sounds were related to the mouth (e.g., eating, slurping, chewing or popping gum, whispering, whistling) and around 60% were repetitive.
  • Her locker is number 513.[2]
  • She, like Adam, watches the Kardashians.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]