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Otis: "I liked you. I really liked you. I fucking turned myself inside out liking you."
Maeve: "You liked me?"
Otis: "Yes. Of course I did."
Otis and Maeve[src]

The relationship between Otis Milburn and Maeve Wiley, started in Episode 1 when they helped Adam Groff when he took an excessive amount of Viagra after his inability to orgasm with his girlfriend Aimee Gibbs.


The two before season 1, episode 1 have never talked before until they began their business. After accidentally walking in on Adam with a boner for four hours Otis gives good advice. Maeve sees this as an opportunity to make money as she needs it. The two start sex therapy charging students for advice from Otis. Maeve finds the clients and Otis gives the advice. While at first it was purely business the two begin to form a friendship and romantic interest towards each other.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Otis knew of Maeve from previous schooling but the two never talked until year 10 (that is known). She was known as cock biter a rumor that was spread. Eric goes through these things he's heard about her. "I heard she bit Simon Furthassle on the scrote and now it's all wonky. Like a discounted avocado." However Otis replies that he doesn't think that's true. Eric says a few more things but Otis doesn't believe any of it. Otis and Maeve share the same English class. She sits in the back and he sat in the middle. He looks back a couple of times mostly likely due to the things Eric said. The second time he looks back she flips him the finger without looking up. The two official talk in biology class or SRE (sex and relationship education). There's was a break in public lice. The teacher has them learn about how to put a condom on an actual dildo, naming the anatomy. Otis attempts to put a condom on the dildo but fails to as he finds it incredibly weird. Maeve watches in amusement as he attempts this but gets annoyed saying Jesus Christ and quickly putting the condom on.


The goes over name the parts to the female anatomy. Maeve quickly fills it in but incorrectly places the hymen as told by Otis. The two talk about this when a student brings in a TV for them to learn about sex. However it turns out to be a video that Adam has the school watch of Otis's mom putting a condom on a cucumber and proceeding wank/jerk it off. On the screen flashing was "Otis Milburns mum is a vegetable fucker". This freaks Otis has rightfully so as the entire class burst out into laughter. Otis runs out in embarrassment and Mr. Hendricks has Maeve go make sure he's alright. She goes to check in on him and finds him in the toilet block behind the gymnasium. The two talk about what had happened. They soon find Adam and they both work on getting to get his boner down. Aimee tells Maeve later that Adam had cum inside of her. This gives Maeve the idea to start sex therapy. Otis talks and Maeve finds the clients splitting the cost 50/50. Otis doesn't want any part at first and declines the offer. Later he comes around to the idea after talking to Eric. The two start their business but it does not go as plan. Otis fails talking to his first client which has him at a party to give out free advice. He goes with Eric to Aimee's house where the party was going to be and they start to look for people who need it. At the end of the party Otis does eventually find a couple and helps them work their issues out. They spread good word and people were lining up to get advice. As the two work together giving advice the two become fairly close. Each one telling each other something that they wouldn't typically tell anyone else. Maeve talks more about her personal life with Otis that she struggled to talk about with Jackson. Maeve found out that she was pregnant but immediately sets up an abortion appointment. She was told that she has to have someone there to be with her at pick up. Despite Jackson being the father (we assume) she does not want him there. She ask Otis if she can meet him somewhere at a certain time but does not tell him why. After talking to Eric Otis believes that it's date. He dresses up and meets her there about an hour early because on time is late. He quickly finds out the reason but stays anyway. When she came out the two do not talk about it. Otis had gotten her a ham sandwich because he did not if he should have gotten her something or not. Another example of Maeve being more open is she brings Otis to her home the


trailer park. It is assumed that Aimee was the only person who actually knew where Maeve lives. Maeve never wanted Jackson to drive her home when they just FWB. Meanwhile she's only known Otis a few days and shows him one her most vulnerable places.

The two after that day grow even more closer both friendship and romantic wise. Throughout the day and possibly week(s). The two take photo of drawings or anything pornographic that is around the school. When a teacher pulls down his whiteboard someone had drawn a random vagina. Maeve takes a photo sending it to Otis. He quickly responded a photo of a drawing of "tits and jizz with the caption I prefer this artist's earlier work" Later in the day Jackson approaches Otis paying him for advice on how to make Maeve his girlfriend. Otis becomes uncomfortable because Maeve is his friend. He also know's that Maeve doesn't want to be in a relationship. There was also the fact that Jackson was paying him money for information. However it has been discovered by Eric that Otis has developed feelings for Maeve by this point and didn't want her to be in a relationship.

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