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Olivia Hanan is one of the main characters in Sex Education. She is portrayed by Simone Ashley.

She is a member of the Untouchables as well as Otis Milburn's first official client in his sex therapy business.

Early Life[]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Olivia is a member of "The Untouchables" along with Anwar and Ruby Matthews. She also briefly accepts Aimee Gibbs in the group. Growing tired of Ruby's constant mockery of her look, Olivia anonymously leaks a photo of Ruby's vulva to the entire school, threatening to reveal her identity during school's assembly. However, Olivia's actions are found by Otis Milburn and Maeve Wiley. She succeeds at redeeming herself in the eyes of Ruby by claiming in school assembly that the displayed vulva is hers, prompting a wave of support as nearly all the girls join her in that effort, including Ruby at the end.

Season 2[]

Olivia struggles with her relationship with Malek Amir. Indeed, due to believing she makes an ugly face whenever she has an orgasm, she covers his face with a pillow, causing Malek to believe that she has a fetish which freaks him out. Olivia goes to Otis for help, and Otis reassures her, stating that she should not feel embarrassed about what she looks like when she is having sex with Malek. Olivia then puts tape on Malek's face to make him uglier during sex so she feels at ease.

When Jean Milburn's notes about the students are released, Olivia is shocked to discover that Malek is actually fifteen. Moreover, she is among the group of girls suspected of having written a slutshaming message towards Miss Sands along with Maeve, Aimee, Ola Nyman, Lily Iglehart and Viv. The girls struggle to find something which bonds them all, but they eventually share their experiences regarding sexual assault. They then all go to a salvage yard to smash a car and let their frustration out.

Season 3[]



At the first glance, Olivia appears to be just like other members of the Untouchables clique; stereotypically vain, arrogant, and cruel, as she has no qualms of tormenting unpopular students for things like living in poverty such as Maeve. She seems to be more of a follower of the group, especially of Ruby with whom she has a tense relationship, as she often mocks Olivia and makes her insecure, which proves that she has trouble of standing up for herself, or is either afraid of Ruby and her power at Moordale. Despite her flaws, she can also be very kind and sympathetic to others, comforting Aimee after her breakdown in detention and revealing her experience with sexual assault.

Olivia possesses a quite vengeful side of her, which she showed after leaking a photo of Ruby's unshaved vulva and anonymously blackmailing her that she'll reveal her identity in front of an entire school.


Season One (5/8)[]

Season Two (4/8)[]

Season Three (5/8)[]



  • In season 1, Olivia struggles with giving her boyfriend a blowjob because of her gag reflex, she puked on his penis.
  • Olivia is often seen chewing gum.
  • Her locker number is 510