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Ola Nyman is one of the main characters in Sex Education. She is portrayed by Patricia Allison.

She is Jakob's daughter who befriends Otis and for whom she later develops feelings. She has incredibly high grades and wants to transfer to Moordale Secondary.

She is a member of the Aptitude Scheme.

Early Life[]

Ola is one of the two daughters of Jakob Nyman and his wife. At some point, Ola's mother got very sick and she often helped Jakob to take care of her when he couldn't. Eventually she passed away due to cancer, and Ola along with her sister started taking care of their father like driving him everywhere on shifts so he could keep a job as a handyman, as well as getting job herself at Browns Village Stores as a cashier, which earned her a title of the employee of the month. She also got very high grades in her previous school, which eased her transfer to Moordale.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Throughout season 1 she is a casual friend of Otis at the start, even going to the dance with him, she later becomes jealous that Otis seems to be more interested in Maeve, but after an apology from Otis they begin their relationship.

Season 2[]

Ola is the new girl at school. She befriends Lily, who tours her around the school. She is dating Otis for the first half of the second season. They try to have sex, but it doesn't happen and Ola breaks up with Otis.

Ola realizes she is pansexual and has suppressed feelings for Lily, and she kisses Lily. Lily initially rejects Ola, but eventually realizes she has feelings too. They start to date.

Season 3[]

In Season 3, Ola is dating Lily. She admits she doesn't believe in aliens and doesn't fully enjoy having the role play sex Lily enjoys. Lily gets hurt and starts to doubt Ola's feelings. She pushes her away.

Meanwhile, Ola is struggling with missing her mom and grappling with the fact that her dad is having a baby with Jean Milburn.

At the end of the season, Ola and Lily make up.



Ola is smart and funny. She's confident and self-assured. She cares deeply about the people closest to her, and is a treat to be around. Her strong personality often makes up for her lack of screen time. She is a bit opposite to Otis, and they disagree about things like the sexism of fairy tale stories.


Season One (5/8)[]

Season Two (8/8)[]

Season Three (8/8)[]



  • She smells like a vanilla pod and sometimes car air freshener, as stated by Lily in the 7th episode of Season 2.
  • Her LGBTQIA Pin is very important to her, as is LGBTQ+ visibility to her.


Season 2[]

Season 3[]