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Moordale Secondary School is a location on the Netflix series Sex Education. It is a secondary school, however, the show's main focus is on the school's sixth-form (students aged 16 to 18).

The school was located in the village of Moordale, in a non-specified part of the UK.


Season 1[]

After Maeve witnesses Otis' counselling abilities, she suggests running a sex therapy business. The counselling sessions are held in the derelict bathrooms behind the gymnasium.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

After Michael Groff is fired, Hope Haddon is hired as the new principal. She tears down the derelict bathrooms and imposes strict rules. Signs with school rules and school values are put up all over the school building, students are required to wear uniforms and lockers are painted over. She also arranges for abstinence-only sex education and punishes students who criticise these methods.

When Hope's methods are challenged by the students, she begins publicly humiliating the students who break her rules.

Under pressure from the school board and investors, Hope decides to rebrand Moordale. She renames Moordale to Sparkside Academy and arranges for an open day to show prospective students and journalists that Moordale is no longer a 'sex school.' She even locks Cal in a room to prevent them from interrupting the open day. However, the students protest against Hope's rules and use the open day as an opportunity to show that Moordale is a sex positive school. The acapella group and swing band perform "F**k the Pain Way", the very song that Hope disapproved of.

After these events, Hope quits and Mark announces that investors have withdrawn all their funding. As a result, Moordale will be sold to developers and students will need to find new schools.





  • According to Michael Groff, the derelict bathrooms behind the gymnasium is full of asbestos.[3]


Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]