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Milburn House is a location on the Netflix series Sex Education. It is the home of the Milburn family.


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The Milburn family have lived in this house since the beginning of Season 1.

Jean hosts therapy sessions and workshops in her house.

In Season 1, the tap in the kitchen sink often leaked, so Jakob, a plumber, often visited the house. Jean and Jakob eventually developed a romantic relationship, much to the annoyance of Otis, who had begun dating Jakob's daughter, Ola.

In Episode 7, Jean tells Jakob that she and Remi moved into this house 14 years ago, just after Otis was born.

In Episode 2.6, Otis hosts a party in his house and invites people from his school. He ends up sleeping with Ruby.

In Episode 3.3, Ola and Jakob move into the Milburn house after Jakob and Jean decide to get back together. This leads to some tension between Otis and Ola, such as when Ola uses his limited edition record without asking for permission. Jakob also begins building a tree house for the baby, which Otis helps out with.




  • The full address of this house is confirmed to be 43 Ashford Street, Moordale, VA1 3GK in Episode 3.8 when Jean receives a letter from TruthSeeking DNA.
  • In Season 1, there is a running gag where visitors barge into Otis' room. As his room is located at the end of a corridor, people mistake it as a bathroom. Dan, Harry and Ola have done this.
  • The house is filmed at The Chalet Symonds Yat.[4] A google maps image of the house can be seen here and here.


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