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Michael Groff commonly known as Mr. Groff is one of the main characters in Sex Education. He is portrayed by Alistair Petrie.

He is the former headmaster at Moordale Secondary School and Adam's strict father.

Early Life[]

Michael grew up with his parents and his older brother Peter. He especially had a strong connection with his mother, whom he described as a warm, caring but reserved woman. Thanks to her, Michael was able to find comfort in cooking. Unfortunately, he was frequently emotionally and sometimes even physically abused by his strict father and brother for being too feminine and delicate, which caused him to abandon his passion for cooking. Michael would eventually adopt similarly toxic values, using them later against his own son, Adam.

Throughout the Series[]

Michael was introduced in the first season as a strict headmaster who tries to rule with an iron fist at Moordale while covering up escalating problems at his rigorous home particularly with his son's behavior which was very damaging to both his reputation and institution's. His wife, Maureen, eventually leaves him and he becomes lost. In season 3, he makes attempts to become a better person - learning how to cook, trying to make up with Maureen, and cutting out negative people in his life like his brother.




Season One (8/8)[]

Season Two (8/8)[]

Season Three (8/8)[]


Season 1[]

Vaginas! Bloody vaginas!
— Michael Groff yelling at Moordale students[src]

Season 2[]

They're children, for God's sake! They don't know what they want.
— Michael Groff yelling at Romeo and Juliet spectators[src]


  • He is the second character in the show to appear on screen but only from behind.
  • In Season 1: Episode 5, Headmaster Groff is clearly shown wearing an Arnold Air Society Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Pin on his left collar. Arnold Air Society is an extracurricular organization for United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadets.