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Lily Iglehart is one of the main characters in Sex Education. She is portrayed by Tanya Reynolds.

She is is one of the members of the Swing Band, and actively tried to have sex with some of the guys at school as she was exploring her sexuality before eventually falling for and dating Ola Nyman. She also draws erotic alien comics and likes to role play as her original characters. She often gets lost in fantasy worlds of space, planets and aliens. Despite Lily’s explicit scenes in her stories she doesn’t find them to be anything “dirty” or “bad”.

She is a member of the Aptitude Scheme.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Throughout the season, she is very desperate to have sex; and she does not majorly care about the reputation of the person she has it with. She draws comics about her sexual fantasies involving aliens. Lily strikes up an unlikely friendship with Otis. She tries to have sex with him and several other boys at the school so she can lose her virginity. When she experiences pain during intercourse (with a boy called OctoBoy), Otis diagnoses her with vaginismus. She feels she has to so she isn’t behind, despite not being interested in any of the boys.

Season 2[]

Lily and Ola become friends and Lily helps Ola with her relationship. Eventually, Ola and Lily experience some sexual tension. Later on in the series, they share a kiss and start dating. Lily accepts her sexuality at the time, realizing she’s surprised herself and her attraction.

Season 3[]

Lily and Ola are dating but Lily finds out that Ola doesn't believe in aliens. Lily gets shamed at school for one of her stories and she stops going to school temporarily. She throws away all of her alien decorations and costumes. Otis talks to her and eventually Lily opens up again, expressing how left out she feels at times for her passions. Her background is explored as well, with her not fitting in since she was a child. She goes back into costume and she and Ola make up, showing growth in their relationship.



Lily is incredibly awkward and forces herself to have sex with guys in fear of being 'sexually behind' everyone in college, despite not feeling attracted to them. Lilly loves to cosplay and likes to draw hentai. She has a passion for writing and aliens and galaxies. She is often bullied for her interest in space to be weird and isn’t good at standing up for herself in these positions.

She is bi-sexual. She accepts herself during Season 2, realizing her experiences with Ola are real and authentic.

Despite her quiet disposition, she can be very open about her emotions at times but normally keeps to herself. When she’s hurt or feels she doesn’t fit in with those around her, she shuts down. Lily is into the supernatural community, getting interested in crop circles and theories of abduction etc.. She loves to express herself through eccentric fashion and hairstyles, especially with styles such as space buns with hair clips.


Season One (6/8)[]

Season Two (8/8)[]

Season Three (8/8)[]


I know how to hold hands, I'm here to fornicate.
— Lily to Otis[src]


Season 2[]

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