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Jakob Nyman is one of the main characters in Sex Education. He is portrayed by Mikael Persbrandt.

He is a widowed Swedish handyman who develops a relationship with Jean after working for her.

Early Life[]

Jakob was born in Sweden from Thor Nyman and his unnamed mother.[2] Jakob former wife whom he had two daughters by died of cancer. In season 3 during therapy Jakob revealed him and his deceased wife had married very young and that he found out she had had a affair and was planning on leaving him. However her cancer diagnosis came and she stayed with him because he refused to abandon her because she was dying.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]



He admits to Jean she is the first person he has sex with and feelings for since the death of his wife.


Season One (4/8)[]

Season Two (7/8)[]

Season Three (8/8)[]


Season 3[]

" People deserve your whole heart, Otis. If you can't give them that, it's better they know. It's the kinder thing to do."

Jakob to Otis


  • According to Jean he had a vasectomy.[3]
  • His number is 07700 965372.