Isaac is one of the characters in Sex Education. He is portrayed by George Robinson.

He and his brother are the newest residents at the caravan park, where Maeve lives.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

He became physically disabled when he was ten years old while playing with his brother Joe. They were still living with their parents then and they would be be sent out of the house so their parents could get high. On one of those days, he dared Joe to climb up a massive tree and Joe chickened out halfway up. Wanting to prove he was braver, he climbed to the very top of the tree and subsequently, fell out of.

He mentions to Maeve that their parents could not handle taking care of a disabled child and hence, forced him and brother out of the house.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Throughout Season 2 Isaac starts off as a very mysterious and seemingly opportunist character, as seen by the first encounter by Maeve. As the episodes goes by, we learn more about him, at first believing he was a soldier that served his country and ended up in a wheelchair due to a grenade, then kept on lying to Maeve friends on other ways he got injured, resulting in him ultimately telling the truth to the girl.

As time goes on, Isaac develops a major crush on the gothic neighbour of his, bringing him to delete Otis love message left on Maeve phone that she left at his camper out of pure jealousy. Though unnecessary, it was probably done in order to give a logical reason to create the Season 3 of the show, that will make him an obstacle in Otis's eyes and a possible partner, may-haps, for Maeve.

Other's point of view: Maeve had not admit or shown that she had feelings for him. But because of his selfishness and jealousy, he deleted the love message from Otis on Maeve’s phone.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Isaac is witty and sardonic in his humour, and throughout the show uses a mix of cynicism and self-deprecating humour, being a person with disabilities. Despite his disability, he is optimistic and cheerful, yet contemptuous and when it comes to meeting new people, as shown by his early interactions with Maeve and his suspicions and distrust regarding her mother.

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Season Two (7/8)

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