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Hope Haddon is a main character in Sex Education. She is portrayed by Jemima Kirke.

Hope is the new headmistress at Moordale, who was taking over from Mr. Groff "to get the school back on track."

Throughout the Series[]

Season 3[]

Hope is appointed as the new headmistress of Moordale Secondary School with the task of cleaning up the school's reputation, which is known as the "Sex School" in the local media. Initially, Hope assures her students that she is here to turn the school into a safe space where everyone feels at ease. She enlists the help of Vivienne Odusanya, who she names new Head Girl due to feeling that Jackson Marchetti is not fit for the position. However, Hope grows appalled by the students' behavior, who she still deems too promiscuous to her liking, which leads her to undertake very conservative measures, such as promoting sexual abstinence, enforcing humiliating punishments and refusing to acknowledge the needs of non-binary students such as Cal Bowman. This is further reinforced by her failure to get pregnant through IVF. Eventually, Hope completely loses control of the school, unable to stop the broadcast of a video promoting sex positivity during a school open day. She is therefore dismissed as headteacher as the school is doomed to close.



In the first episode of season 3, she shows hope for Moordale and to make it a better place, but in later episodes it is found that she was slightly manipulative towards students because of the stress she faced when she couldn't have a baby.

She acts very progressive and future-centric but in reality is very backwards and has shown blatant transphobia, homophobia, and disrespect to the LGBTQIA+ alliance in general.


Season Three (8/8)[]


Season 3[]


  • She has two degrees and had teaching positions at some of the country's top institutions and became the youngest head

teacher by 28 in the UK.[1]


Season 3[]