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Episode 7 is the seventh episode of the third season of Sex Education. It is the twenty-third episode of the series overall.


Home is where the heat is. Jean contends with a hot mess and a cold shoulder. Maeve deals with a mum on the run. The “sex school” finally goes public.


It is open day at Moordale Secondary School. Lily skips school and secludes herself from Ola. Ola asks Otis to intervene. Maeve receives a phone call from Erin. Maeve apologises to Isaac, but he does not want to enter into a relationship with her if she isn't sure about him. Maeve and Aimee reconcile; Aimee drives Maeve to find Erin. Hope locks Cal in a room to prevent them from disrupting open day.

Viv gives a video presentation in which the students defiantly declare they are proud to be known as the "Sex School". Hope attempts to stop the video, but Ruby fights her off. While conducting a television interview, Jean enters into labour.

Jakob opens up about his late wife to the therapist. Jackson and Cal get closer, but stop short of having sex. Maeve finds Erin and Elsie; Erin decides to let Maeve take Elsie back to the foster home. Otis gives Lily a pep talk. Eric reveals to Adam that he kissed Oba. Mr Groff discovers an interest in cooking, and stands up for himself when his brother belittles him at a dinner party. He opens up to Mrs Groff, and they sleep together. Jean gives birth to a girl, but suffers a haemorrhage. Otis and Maeve make up and kiss.


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