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Episode 6 is the sixth episode of the third season of Sex Education. It is the twenty-second episode of the series overall.


The truth is out there: Maeve gets the news, Aimee reveals her vulva cupcakes and more, and Eric navigates the Nigerian life. Hope goes to new extremes.


Maeve is accepted into the programme, but the school is unable to provide her funding. Lily's story is published, causing more bad press for the school. Hope is pressured by investors and the school board for results. Hope punishes Cal, Lily and Adam in front of the students; Rahim is suspended when he protests.

Maeve finds out Erin took Elsie from the foster home. When Otis and Isaac compete with each other to help Maeve, she throws both of them out. Mr Groff returns Jean's notebook; they sit down for a therapy session where Jean encourages Mr Groff to find something that gives him happiness. Hope gives Viv an assignment to make a presentation for the school's forthcoming open day; Viv secretly records Hope's dismissing remark about students' concerns. Otis rebukes Jean when she asks him about Maeve. Adam asks Rahim for help with writing poetry for Eric.

At the wedding, Eric meets a photographer, Oba, who offers to show him the gay scene in Lagos. Eric gives in and ends up kissing Oba.


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