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Episode 4 is the fourth episode of the third season of Sex Education. It is the twentieth episode of the series overall.


In the cold light of day, can sex turn into intimacy, and vice versa? Ruby recoils from Otis. Maeve connects with Isaac. Abstinence roils Moordale.


Otis gets a cool reaction from Ruby. Maeve submits her application to the study programme. Jean and Jakob continue couples therapy, but Jakob is skeptical about its usefulness. Lily submits a story to the local paper. Hope introduces a new Relationship and Sex Education program which focuses on abstinence-only sex education. Otis and Maeve protest at the information supplied, and are sent out of the class.

Jean struggles with her pregnancy and finding common ground with Jakob. Jakob finds a piece of men's jewellery in Jean's house. Maeve discovers someone paid her fee for a school trip to France. Mr and Mrs Groff bump into each other; Mrs Groff encourages Mr Groff to contact Adam. Maeve has a dinner date with Isaac. When Otis admits he doesn't love Ruby, she breaks up with him.


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