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Episode 5 is the fifth episode of the second season of Sex Education. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall.


Otis and Eric get away from romance and retreat to the woods with Remi. But parents aren’t perfect, as Maeve knows. Later, Ola follows her heart.


Ola has a dream where she starts kissing Otis, but he turns into a multiplication figure. She wakes up confused.

Eric, after yet another night out with Adam, is going camping with Otis and his father, Remi, although the three of them are relatively ill-equipped for the task.

Jean, meanwhile, is hosting a vagina workshop that keeps getting disrupted by Jakob’s efforts to build her a pan shelf; overwhelmed by his constant presence, she confesses to him that she kissed Remi, and he leaves. Jean returns to the workshop, where one of her students is Headmaster Groff’s wife, Maureen — after Maureen confesses that she’s worried about being rusty after six years of not having sex, Jean offers to give her something to help – a vibrator. Later on Maureen rediscovers her sexuality and she tells Mr. Groff she wants a divorce.

In the woods, Otis, Eric, and Remi’s camping trip hits the skids when the combination of rain, an uncooperative tent, and the contents of Remi’s flask lead to Remi literally fighting the tent, before admitting defeat and booking the three of them into a hotel. Remi gets two rooms, leaving Otis and Eric to share … while he manages to seduce the hotel clerk.

Remi tells Otis that his current partner, Delilah, has left him. But Delilah calls Jean with a different story: That Remi can’t change and he cheated.

Eric tells Otis about his current relationships with Adam, the blowjob in the Episode 8, and how since this time, they are going to beat glass items at nights. Otis is confused by the fact that bully who had been mean to Eric has become the close friend of him. Eric has not been talking to Rahim during the long time.

Maeve is getting closer with her new neighbor, Isaac. After attending a relatively disastrous NA meeting with her mother, she and Isaac manage to connect, and Isaac and his brother, Joe, might even stop stealing their gas canisters.

Otis texts Maeve to say that the two of them can’t be friends anymore. Of course, that comes before Ola tells Otis that the two of them need to break up, because she’s more interested in Lily.

After realizing that her dream about Lily probably has larger implications, Ola takes an online quiz, and based on the results she declares that she’s pansexual. She’s relatively calm about the whole thing, even laughing when Otis tells her that he loves her and she realizes that she doesn’t really love Otis after all, and while Otis is definitely upset by the breakup, she has no problem swiftly moving on to kissing Lily — who reacts to Ola’s passionate kisses by telling her that she has to “go do homework.”







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