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Episode 1 is the first episode of the second season of Sex Education. It is the ninth episode of the series overall.


Masturbation turns out to be Otis's secret talent, but can he master his unruly desires for Ola? A chlamydia outbreak distracts the student body.


Otis is dealing with constant erections and the urge to masturbate. When a school-wide panic about a chlamydia outbreak gets unfairly targeted at a girl from the choir named Fiona, Otis finds himself not only divulging medically accurate information about the transmission of the disease (while quickly reminding people that he no longer is a practicing amateur teenage sex therapist), but also helping Fiona prove that she isn’t the source of the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Maeve is working at the local mall, but an encounter with her estranged mother — claiming to be sober for a year, though Maeve doesn’t believe her — pushes her to dye her hair brown and find a way to get back into school. She threatens to expose just how many of the school’s top students have used her essays to cheat if Mr. Groff doesn't allow her back at school. Eventually, he concedes. She’s back in class, and by the end of the episode also working with Otis again to restart the clinic properly.

Otis and Eric end up interviewing many of their fellow students to try to identify the real patient zero; the ultimate culprit ends up being Owen, an awkward kid embarrassed by his STI status on top of being “uncool and boring,” which is why he lied about being infected. What Otis tells Owen reflects something his mother Jean says at a school assembly meant to quell parental panic about the STI outbreak: the tools for healthy sexual activity are “trust, talking, and truth.”







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