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Colin Ray Hendricks commonly known as Mr. Hendricks is one of the recurring characters in Sex Education. He is portrayed by Jim Howick.

He is a science teacher at Moordale Secondary School who also conducts the Swing Band and organizes the school play.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Colin is a music teacher at Moordale and as such is the head of the school's swing band.

Season 2[]

During the course of season 2, Colin and Emily Sands get into a sexual relationship and begin to see each other frequently. They soon encounter problems as Colin struggles with dirty talk as he doesn't like to demean Miss Sands as he words it and in one of their earlier encounters calls her a 'lovely female dog' after Emily asks he call her a 'naughty bitch'. This ends the encounter and Emily goes home. It's at this point that Colin asks Otis for help with dirty talk. Otis tells Colin to 'write a script and practice speaking the words until they feel comfortable' and to meet her halfway. While Colin follows this, he goes too far and starts saying he will make treat Emily badly and make her lose her job. This of course ends the encounter.

Things continue like this until Otis gives Colin some new advice which is 'tune into her orange'. He and Emily sit down and he asks why she likes dirty talk and help him to understand. It is here that Emily tells him it doesn't matter what he says just *how* he says it. Colin now understands an begins naming random and whacky kitchen objects in a smooth monotone. This turns out to work and the pair have successful intercourse and their relationship improves

Alongside his relationship, Colin is also in charge of the school play; a 'contemporary telling of Romeo and Juliet' At the start of term he holds auditions for the play and at the request of Vivienne Odusanya, Jackson Marchetti auditions for the school play and Colin gives him the part of Romeo and the part of Juilet goes to theatre fanatic Florence. With the roles given, the cast and swing band spend the term rehearsing with Colin attending these rehearsal sessions.

In the coming weeks before the play is executed, students and staff begin noticing that the two characters on the poster are 'kissing in a forest of dicks'. Even though people chalked it up to just bad drawing, the play was in fact mostly just about sex, complete with songs about 'hard pricks', aliens with penis hands and cast members with vaginas on their heads. This was presumably Lily's idea as she was the second in command for the play behind Colin, although he doesn't seem to care about the theming and goes so far as to encourage the students to keep up the hard work and sees it as a form of expressionism.

On the night of the play he encourages Jackson throughout the evening albeit badly. He tells him that "he's not nervous, just excited". Despite his bad advice he really just wants Jackson to follow this new passion, even going so far as telling another student, Quintin to "shut the fuck up" and calls him "a piece of shit" when the latter offers to take the place of Jackson who was experiencing a bout of stage fright.


Emily Sands[]

From the beginning of Season 2, Colin gets into a romantic relationship with fellow Moordale teacher Emily sands. Their partnership starts off fine at first but soon becomes rocky when Colin struggles with dirty talk in the bedroom and Emily no longer wants to see him as much. After getting assistance from Otis, Colin tries dirty talk again only to fail after mis-understanding the advice and accidentally threatening Emily. He then gets different advice from Otis and asks Emily why she likes dirty talk and to help him understand. It is at that point he begins naming random kitchen objects in a slow baritone which works for Emily and their relationship recovers.

By the start of season 3 it appears Colin and Emily have begun experimenting as Colin now plays his drum set whilst the two are having sex. Throughout the season their relationship remains mostly the same albeit for good and by the end of the season they have agreed to move in together

Michael Groff[]

Throughout Seasons 1 & 2, Michael Groff is the head of Moordale secondary and subsequently Colin's boss. Colin seems to be one of the only staff members that bares the brunt of Michaels ire. This is due to the sexual nature of the school's songs and play, as well as his inability to answer questions from students during SRE lessons observed by Jean Milburn. Despite all of this however, Colin looks past this, even when Michael interrupts his show in the penultimate episode of season 2

By season 3 Michael is down and out and pretends to go for an interview at Moordale to give the impression he has a job. When he arrives he is interrupted by Colin who says they should hang out to which Michael brushes him off. However, after overhearing a phone conversation between his brother and sister-in-law in which they conspire to kick him out of the house, Michael says he has a place to stay and promptly goes to Colin's and asks if he can stay for a bit, to which Colin says yes. Michael stays with Colin for the remainder of the season and they begin to become mutually good friends despite Michaels behaviour towards Colin during his tenure as headmaster.



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  • According to Sean Wiley, Colin used to have a harsh drinking problem and used Lynx Africa to cover up the smell of alcohol. It is unknown whether he has managed to stay sober or if he still drinks from time to time.