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Cal Bowman is one of the secondary characters of Season 3 of Sex Education, portrayed by Dua Saleh. They are a new student and a bold, artistic character who spends the series trying to be authentic to themself despite the changes around them, as well as developing a connection with Jackson Marchetti.

Early Life[]

Not much is known about their early life, except that Cal’s family moved from Minneapolis to the area.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 3[]

They are introduced as a straight-forward but kind person, who remained slightly mysterious. Cal finds discomfort in the growing rules and guidelines set by Hope Haddon. They are among the group called into the office alongside Maeve Wiley, Lily Iglehart, and Ola Nyman. They're seen to be artistic, and expressive as well as having a knack for skateboarding and for vaping and smoking.

Cal is out about being non-binary, and is vocal about using they/them pronouns, as seen with their first interaction with Jackson Marchetti and Vivienne Odusanya. They struggle fitting in because of their non-binary identity.


Love Interests[]

Jackson Marchetti[]

Cal and Jackson meet on campus as Jackson wonders if he should participate in defacing the school and therefore ‘removing’ the history to it. The two originally pursue a more casual friendship but Jackson develops feelings for them and is teased for it. The two get high together and bond over about their experiences with anxiety and worries for the future, though they worry less for the future. Over the course of the series, they grow closer together.


Little about their family is known. They moved from Minneapolis.


Cal is known to be witty, kind and bold about their beliefs and values. They are a bit unknown at first but develop as more of a wild card, speaking out about their beliefs.




Season 3[]