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Anwar Bakshi is a regular character in Sex Education. He is portrayed by Chaneil Kular.

Anwar is part of the Untouchables clique, making him one of the most popular students at Moordale. He is also very open about his sexuality and presents himself as a mean and arrogant person. However, the truth is that he's terrible at opening up and is often trying to push others away by saying rude remarks about them as a coping mechanism.

Early Life[]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In the first episode, Anwar is first scene driving in a car alongside his fellow members of 'The Untouchables' Ruby Matthews, Olivia Hanan, and Aimee Gibbs. Eric Effiong points them out, and Anwar tells him to stop staring, spending the entirety of the season insisting that they are and never will be friends. Eric has an "unrequited crush" on Anwar in this season.

In Episode 2, After finding out about the sex clinic started by Otis Milburn, he tells him how "freaked out" he is by "bumholes", in hopes that he will receive help from him. Otis however leaves, unsure of how to respond.

In Episode 6, Anwar makes a comment about how Eric's outfit looks like "prison chic" and is subsequently punched in the mouth by his peer, who immediately regrets it. Eric later tries to apologise, and Anwar informs him how he used this moment to come out to his mum. Anwar's mum is very accepting of him, and insists on referring to Eric as a "gay basher" for hurting her son. Eric then asks if this action has ruined their chances of dating, in which Anwar replies with "Bitch please. Pretty boys like me are not your type" before leaving and telling that he is still not his friend.

Alongside Olivia and Ruby, Anwar spends the season making Aimee extremely uncomfortable. In Episode 1 the trio make Aimee uncomfortable with her ham sandwich, insisting that they are all vegan now, so no longer eat ham or smoke. After other acts such as forcing her to carry their library books back to the library, by episode 8, Aimee dumps the trio for her actual best friend, Maeve Wiley, who the group have spent years referring to as "cockbiter" and spreading other negative rumours about.

Season 2[]

In Episode 6, we find out that Anwar is dating Nick, as the two are in bed, attempting to be intimate. Nick asks to have sex and Anwar gets on all fours, waiting for Nick to "put it in". Nick then informs him that he might want to douche first, and Anwar, unaware of how to douche, runs away out of fear. He then approaches Otis, asking him for some help on how to do it. Otis is unsure of how to help him, so asks Rahim Harrak for some advice. Whilst drunk at his party, Otis tells Anwar that he asked Rahim for help, and Anwar assumes that means that Rahim knows it was him that needed the help (Otis didn't tell Rahim it was Anwar) so confronts him about the problem as he's too afraid to ask his boyfriend. Rahim replies by saying that if he isn't comfortable with talking to his boyfriend about douching, then he isn't ready to have his penis up his bottom. Later in the episode, Anwar tells Nick about his problem, and Nick assures him that he doesn't mean to pressure him, and just wants him to be comfortable. By the end of the episode, the pair have sex, so Anwar has presumably understood how to douche.

Season 3[]

In Episode 4, Nick offers Anwar a strawberry flavoured condom during sex, which Anwar ends up having an allergic reaction to. After having the terrible sex education class with the boys that Hope forced them to have, Anwar assumes that he some kind of illness and is going to die. Miss Sands then tells him to go to a sexual health clinic on Mayfield Road. In this scene with the sexual health expert, Anwar expresses how the main reason he wears condoms is because in every movie with gay characters he's ever seen, they always die of AIDS by the end, and he is trying to avoid that. The professional assures him that there is enough of an advance in modern medicine that he doesn't need to worry too much about dying from AIDS. She also reveals the cause of his reaction, and his problem is soon solved.

Later in this episode, he is seen comforting Ruby, after she has broken up with Otis, as he didn't love her back. Anwar, Ruby and Olivia share a group hug in her home, which is the first time The Untouchables were ever allowed into her house.

In Episode 5, he spends his time on the trip to France alongside Olivia defending Ruby from Otis. After Otis is put in their group, they're forced to be around him, and despite their best efforts, Ruby allows Otis to talk to her.

Later in the episode, Anwar is incredibly disgusted by the poo on the car.

In Episode 7, Anwar joins the rest of the kids at the Sixth Form in making the sex positive video. Anwar's contribution is a small line saying "I'm great at anal douching" whilst dressed as a penis. The footage repeats for a little bit after headmaster Hope tries to turn it off and it glitches.



He enjoys a good gossip, going to parties, and making fun of others with his friends Olivia and Ruby, Although he presents himself as rude, he is only someone who is really bad at opening up to people. He often pushes others away with rude remarks and insults. His boyfriend Nick insists that Anwar is actually a very kind person once you get to know him.

Physical Appearance[]

A lot of Anwar's identity is shown through his appearance. He constantly wears bright blazers, with slightly spiky but neat hair. He takes good care of both his hygiene and his physical appearance.


Season One (6/8)[]

Season Two (5/8)[]

Season Three (6/8)[]


"You look like a traffic cone" - Anwar to Eric. Season 1, Episode 2

"Still not your friend" - Anwar to Eric. Season 1, Episode 5

"You look like you were dressed by a bin" - Anwar to Otis. Season 3, Episode 2


  • Mocking others is his thing, but he also very often films awkward situations. He is for example seen filming the time a drunk Eric teaches the girls how to give a blowjob with bananas, the time the guy almost jumps from stage on the school dance and also the awkward speech from Jean at school.
  • Anwar's surname 'Bakshi' is revealed in the 'Sex Education: The Road Trip' book by Kate Birchall.
  • Anwar seems to understand Latin as he is able to understand the Latin song that the choir sings.