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Aimee Gibbs is one of the main characters in Sex Education. She is portrayed by Aimee Lou Wood.

She is one of the school's popular girls who has an unlikely friendship with Maeve, whom she deeply cares about. She is always in a relationship and is way nicer in comparison to other members of the school's "The Untouchables" clique, which she left at the end of the first season. Aimee comes from a wealthy family and her home is often used for hang-outs and parties.

Early Life[]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Aimee starts off dating Adam, but eventually breaks up with him as he flashed the entire school during lunch, Ruby convinces her to do this. She formed a friendship with Maeve Wiley and left the Untouchables for her as they were bullying her. By the end of the series, Aimee starts dating Steve.

Season 2[]

Aimee was sexually assaulted on the bus to school, when a guy ejaculated on her jeans. She escaped the bus after asking the driver to stop. The assault had psychological ramifications on Aimee and she began to push away her friends, her boyfriend, and her family. Her attempts at to deal with the assault are a running theme in the season. Aimee was able to some extent overcome this at the end of the season, where she shares a detention with Maeve and a number of other girls. She eventually opened up to Steve and welcomed a hug after struggling to have sex and couldn't have him look at her body as she felt disgusting.

Season 3[]

In season 3, Aimee is still struggling with the sexual assault. She pushes Steve away, has them get a commitment goat, and is afraid to break up with him even though she realizes she wants to be on her own for a while. She does therapy sessions with Jean to try and talk through everything. She eventually breaks up with Steve at the end of the season, leaving him heartbroken.



Aimee is a sweet, kind, and caring girl. Although she can often be ditzy at times, her nurturing persona is what attracts people to her. Sometimes because of her cluelessness, people take advantage like the Untouchables and then later on when she gets sexually assaulted, she doesn’t think its serious at first but later on the incident traumatized her. She used to be a follower at the beginning of the series, trying to be a people pleaser but towards the end starts to be more independent.

Aimee likes mind maps, and references them a lot. She loves to bake as well, discovering her passion for it through cakes. She is later teased in an argument that she only pursued it because she had the money to because she “likes toast”. She is described as wealthier than her peers and wants to use her family’s moneys to help Maeve, afford a trip for example. She is very giving and forgiving as well and develops her skills at standing up for herself.


Season One (8/8)[]

Season Two (8/8)[]

Season Three (8/8)[]


Season 1[]

So you're prescribing a wank?
— Aimee to Otis[src]

Season 2[]

[Cough] Weed.
— Aimee to Maeve[src]


  • Aimee loves spiders.[1]
  • According to Aimee, she has an aunt who died after being eaten by wasps. Eaten.[2]
  • Her locker number is 122.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]